This is exactly the question I get when surfing through adult material and webcomic pages. You see what's on the site, it's awesome, but it takes 10 minutes.. and then you get back to whatever boring thing you were doing before this.

This is where shit changes bitches! Soon to be implemented - an option to fill in your own punchline for the last strip. Sounds exciting? It probably isn't. But, as always, my eyes and ears are open to any and all suggestions.

As of now, my plan is to set up individual facebook comment boxes on the permanent links of each comic strip and invite visitors to put in their own punchlines. The ones with the most 'likes' get featured in an all new 'Visitor Win' page where I'll put up the new strips with the awesomer punchlines.

What say you?



11/16/2011 01:33

Hey Brijesh!

It's great to see another artist take on the living hell that is 'Back Office' work.

You reader punchline idea sounds very like's mashup feature. That seemed to go down very well with readers, so you idea should work out pretty well too!

Best regards

11/20/2011 23:50

Hi Rawr!

Thanks for the comment and thanks for checking out the website. I'm honoured that you refer to me as an 'artist', if you look at my sketches they look like something a 2 year-old makes, when he's drunk :)

Cheers and keep reading!


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