The webcomic is finally alive! After sitting on this baby for well over a year, and finally having to do everything myself, 'Back Office Boys' sees the light of day, just like the true back office boys do every morning at 7 am when they are headed home.

As you might have probably guessed, the comic is dedicated to all 'back office', 'support centre' and 'out-sourced' employees who live like an owl and sleep in the day, though I hope people with normal lives can relate to the humour (or lack thereof).  Soon, this tiny little webcomic with poor drawings and bad puns will be a cult classic, because I only have about 3-4 more ideas for strips.

In the meantime, the blog will be about everything but the strip.. stuff I like, things I found laim (that's right, laim) and things which people should be talking about instead of reading stupid comics. My eyes and ears are wide open for any comments, disagreements, criticism, but, then again, that's what I had told my professor during the fluid dynamics course in college.

Finally, a few things you guys should always keep in mind when you visit the site -
1) You're right, it wasn't THAT funny
2) You're probably funnier
3) The strip could've been better

Bombs Away!!!

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